Isan Corinde

Isan Corinde (Brokopondo, 1990) is a Surinamese visual artist.​

He graduated in 2012 at the Nola Hatterman Art Academy in Paramaribo, Suriname.

Isan finds inspiration for his work in everyday life. The colors he uses come from Surinamese pangi fabrics he inherited from his grandmother. The pangi fabrics play a great role in the culture of the people from Suriname. The use of these vibrant colors makes the paintings come to life.

Aside from the art Isan makes, he organises art projects in the interior of Suriname. These projects are for the children of the villages he visits. Isan works together with the children and they make art mostly from waste materials. Giving back to the village he came from is for Isan a way to show gratitude for the talent he received.


After working for five years with Dutch visual artists in Suriname and The Netherlands. Isan came in 2016 to The Netherlands to live and work there. He organises a couple exhibitions a year and continues to work with children in both countries.

Isan Corinde